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(Pocket-lint) - Sony has already published its own PS4 unboxing video on the internet in the last day or so, aping Tron Legacy and Daft Punk in the process, but that clip has nothing on the video posted by internet sensation Boogie2988, where he plays his alter-ego character Francis in an unboxing that is quite simply the funniest we've ever seen.

Some people think it's real. It isn't. Boogie2988 is an intelligent, verbose person who often posts videos about all manner of subjects, especially gaming, on YouTube. Francis is his obnoxious, selfish, Cartman-style comedy character with which he has had great success in the past. Knowing that doesn't make it less funny, but it certainly makes it less uncomfortable to watch.

So far, Francis unboxing a PlayStation 4 has had more than 600,000 views on YouTube, and we suspect it will get plenty more over the coming days. We've watched it about 10 times so far ourselves.

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In addition, Boogie 2988 has posted a couple of videos of open letters to PlayStation and Xbox bigwigs with a few words of advice. It's worth checking those out too, if only to see how eloquent he can be when not "Francis".

Writing by Rik Henderson.