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(Pocket-lint) - A picture has appeared online of a huge row of shiny new PlayStation 4 next-gen consoles in their boxes, with claims that they are sitting in an Amazon warehouse ready to ship.

Posted on Reddit by user Mr_Goose, who we can only presume works for Amazon, the shot more than likely shows PS4s that are already bought, as it is believed that every single one of Amazon's day one stock in the US and UK has been pre-ordered before release day - possibly even before September.

We also presume that this is a shot taken in a US Amazon warehouse, as the console is being released next Friday, 15 November in the States. The UK and the rest of Europe will have to wait until 29 November. The biggest rival to the PS4, the Xbox One, will be released in the week sandwiched in-between.

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The PlayStation 4 will cost £349 in the UK, 399 euros in Europe and $399 in the US. Sony has previously informed Pocket-lint that there will be stock on shelves of some stores nationwide, but it will be limited. So if you haven't already pre-ordered yours, you could be faced with either a long queue and possible disappointment, or it might be worthwhile waiting. We've heard from sources that additional stock will arrive in the country before Christmas.

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