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(Pocket-lint) - Sony has revealed that it has reached the milestone of 80 million PlayStation 3 units sold worldwide since the console was launched seven years ago. And it is still going strong, with the company claiming that over 300 software titles have launched or are launching globally this holiday season.

Compare that to the 22-strong launch title line-up for the PS4 in the same period and you can see why many could choose to stick with the current generation machine for now.

In total, 4,332 software titles have been released for the PlayStation 3 in its lifetime. That is over one and a half games released on average per day.

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Sony has also revealed that The Last of Us sold 3.4 million units in just three weeks - not bad for a single platform exclusive. It is hoping to match that with Gran Turismo 6, which comes out on 6 December. The GT franchise so far has accounted for over 70 million game sales worldwide.

Although the PS3 has been battling with the Xbox 360 throughout its life, things have turned out even stevens as they both face being superceded by newer machines. The last sales figures of the Xbox 360, published in September, claim that Microsoft has sold 79.4 million units worldwide. We expect that to have breached 80 million by now too.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.