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(Pocket-lint) - Just weeks ahead of the PS4's official launch, a new report has claimed to shed more light on that monthly fee Sony said it would charge gamers for playing multiplayer online games on the PS4.

The Japanese Nikkei Business Daily reported that the monthly fee - although already announced to be a PlayStation Plus membership - would be $9.99 in the US, 6.99 euros in Europe and 500 yen in Japan. The report also said Sony plans to lure gamers from Xbox One to its PS4 by including the ability to chat with fellow players and other social-networking functions.

Microsoft's Xbox One will also launch this month, and gamers - like with the PS4 - will still need to pay for an Xbox Live subscription for playing multiplayer online games on the console. Multiplayer games can be played for free on PlayStation 3.

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Sony originally revealed in June during its E3 liveblog that playing online multiplayer games on the PS4 would require a PlayStation Plus membership. Specifically, during a presentation, Sony showed a slide that stated PlayStation Plus would feature "immersive multiplayer online". 

Sony later clarified in a tweet that PS4 gamers can still enjoy single-player games without a PlayStation Plus membership. They can also gain access to media services without PlayStation Plus, such as Netflix. PlayStation Plus costs $49.99 a year, and it includes other features such as cloud saves, automatic game updates and a monthly title from Sony's Instant Game Collection.

Update: Sony has issued the following statement to clear up the confusion over pricing in Nikkei Business Daily's report:

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"When PS4 launches on November 15, PlayStation Plus will continue to be offered at US $49.99 for a year membership. For less than $5 a month, PS Plus members will have access all the benefits across PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. At E3 earlier this year, we introduced a new PS Plus membership option for 30 days in North America and Europe ($9.99 /€6.99), available now in the PlayStation Store. PS4 gamers who aren’t PS Plus members will be able to enjoy a variety of network services, including access to video/TV services, select free-to-play games and sharing with friends."

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