Sony has released a massively important firmware update for the PS Vita handheld console that adds and improves a number of key features, not least compatibility with the upcoming PS4.

System update v3.0 adds a new application to the home screen called PS4 Link. Through it, the PS Vita can connect directly to a PS4 for remote play with any next-gen game that allows for second screen play. You will also be able to use your Vita to control the PS4 like a dedicated controller.

The Trophies section has been updated to include PS4 achievements and the Friends app has been improved because of the expanded PS4 friends roster.

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Other changes added with the new firmware include a new Parental Controls application on the home screen. This allows a parent or guardian to manage the duration of a child’s play and use of the features of the PS Vita system. The Photos app has a new panoramic camera feature. Group Messaging has been renamed Messages, and the PlayStation Network has been renamed PSN, in-line with the change made to the PS3 recently.

There are other minor performance enhancements and a few new icon changes to suit, presumably, the style of the PS4 when it arrives in the UK on 29 November (15 November in the US).