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(Pocket-lint) - With the PlayStation 4 set to launch in roughly a month, Sony has decided to take a trip down memory lane by posting an over-the-years video compilation of its best-selling console. 

Starting out with the PlayStation in 1995, the video shows a group of university-age gamers in London as they go about their regular lives, listening to music and doing a bit of gaming.

After that, the video smoothly time warps to 2000. The gamers are the same people, though they haven't aged. They are wearing the style and listening to the music of the new millennium. They're also playing a PlayStation 2.

The video then goes to 2009. The same gamers are of course playing with the PlayStation 3. Each time transition shows the culture changes between years, but the console at the cente of the dorm room never changes. Sure, the console model varies, but each time it's always PlayStation (beneath a Sony television, naturally). 

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The video ends in a very space-age-like dorm room setting: Blue-ish lighting, lots of sleek technology, etc. Again, the gamers are the same people, only now they're powering on a PlayStation 4 beneath a Sony HDTV.

It's all so sentimental; check it out below.

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PlayStation 4 - also known as PS4 - is an upcoming video game console from Sony. Announced as the successor to PlayStation 3 in February, it will launch on 15 November in North America and 29 November in Europe and Australia.

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