Sony is getting ready for the launch of its PlayStation 4 by making it easier for PlayStation 3 owners to pre-order PS4 games.

Sony issued an update for the PS3 today that'll roll out PS4 games for pre-order on the Sony Entertainment Network or PlayStation Store. The ability to pre-order titles will allow new PS4 owners the opportunity to power on their console and immediately begin playing. 

SCE Japan Studio's Knack, which costs $60, and the multiplayer shooter Warframe, which is free, are the only two digital games now ready for pre-order. We've contacted Sony to find out if it'll add more titles in the coming weeks, and we'll update when more information becomes available.

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The PS4 is an upcoming video game console by Sony. Announced as the successor to the PS3 during a press conference in February, it will launch on 15 November in North America and 29 November in Europe. The PS4 cost £349 in the UK, while Europe will get it for 399 euros, the US for $399.