(Pocket-lint) - When Pocket-lint attended the original launch of the PlayStation 4 we came back with the distinct feeling that we had witnessed an event presented by men to an audience consisting predominantly of men being shown men things. It was clear what target market Sony Computer Entertainment wanted to appease most.

But we thought that the message would change closer to release date, and the PS4 would be shown to be a more family-friendly device. The latest American advert for the console suggests not. It is still man on man for man action, basically.

We're still pretty sure that the technology itself is geared towards many different types of users, and don't get us wrong, we actually like the advert and its use of Lou Reed's Perfect Day purposely out of context, but think that surely the hardcore gamers have already pre-ordered PS4s. It's time to sing a different tune, perhaps.

Anyway, here's the video itself for you to decide.

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And here's the BBC's version of Perfect Day from 1997, first broadcast as a promotion and then released as a charity single. We've got a soft spot for this one. Not least because you can now play the "what ever happened to..." game with a vast majority of the collaborators...

Writing by Rik Henderson.