(Pocket-lint) - Here's a fun thing. Rather than using a PS3 controller to play through Beyond: Two Souls you can instead use an Android or iOS device and control the game wirelessly. That's right: no need for the controller.

We've been plugging our way through the Quantic Dream epic every which way, including via the powers of an HTC One. Simply download the Beyond Touch app to your smart device and follow the on-screen instructions in the set-up menu of the game. It's easy to follow and that's it, all done.

Part of Beyond: Two Souls' appeal is its accessibility to all levels of gamers. The "interactive drama" might not suit all players, and has been awarded very mixed results by critics - we thought it was a landmark moment in gaming excellence - but playing it via the app makes for a simple single-finger control method.

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In the title Ellen Page stars as Jodie, the lead who has a unique tie to a supernatural entity named Aiden, alongside Willem Defoe who lends his distinct voice and facial features to Nathan Dawkings, the government scientist tasked with studying Jodie's condition.

Using the app you can drag around on the screen to move Jodie and Aiden, or when prompts appear on screen quick swipes or pressing the relevant result will action your choice. You don't have to know your triangle button from your circle button.

However, while the app is described as a "second screen" experience, you don't see the actual game on your smart device. Instead it's all swirling, dreamlike colours that are responsive to touch.

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Beyond: Two Souls arrives in the UK on Friday 11 October, exclusive for Playstation 3. The app is available to download right now.

Writing by Mike Lowe.