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(Pocket-lint) - Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has revealed more about the companion application that will launch alongside the PlayStation 4 at the end of November.

The PlayStation App is effectively Sony's answer to Microsoft's SmartGlass. It will be a free download for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets and will allow users to interact with games and their profiles even when they aren't at home.

In an interview with the official PlayStation Blog, Yoshida explained that not only can you use the app to instigate gameplay on the console, you can also buy games through it, for download on the PS4. It will then be available to you immediately when you next log in.

"A friend on PS4 can send out an invitation for a multiplayer game, which you can then check on the App," he said. "And you can also purchase PS4 games from PlayStation Store. Your game will immediately start downloading while you're away."

As revealed during the unveiling of the app at the Tokyo Game Show last month, the app will also be able to work in tandem with certain games - offering second-screen experiences. Not all developers will use it, some even have their own dedicated second screen apps, but it provides an easy, all-in-one solution for those who wish to keep things within the same ecosystem.

"There are many big publishers creating their own apps for their games, like Watch Dogs or Battlefield, and that's great," said Yoshida.

"But smaller developers can use PlayStation App to connect to PS4 and load an application, like drawing software for example, so that you don't have to download and install a specific app on your smartphone. It's open to all PS4 developers to use."

Sony will release more details on the free app in the coming weeks.

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