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(Pocket-lint) - Update: Rockstar has released the PlayStation 3 version of its title update that should help fix many of the connection issues suffered by GTA Online players. It has also promised that the Xbox 360 version should be available later today.

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As with the iFruit app and Social Club connection issues around Grand Theft Auto V launch day, GTA Online has been fraught with problems since it went live on 1 October. Even if players get past the "Rockstar Cloud Servers Unavailable" message they are encountering all manner of other server issues, many of which render the game completely unplayable.

But a light at the end of the tunnel is in sight. Rockstar knows about all of the issues being faced by gamers and has been "working around the clock" on fixing them. It has announced that a patch might even be available for download on Xbox 360 and PS3 today.

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It posted on its dedicated support page yesterday, 3 October, that it will be delivered as a title update. "We're currently working on a title update for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to address commonly reported issues with GTA Online. We hope to have it out for download as soon as tomorrow," said the developer.

On Wednesday Rockstar took the decision to disable the option to buy in-game cash with real money. You can still earn money by performing jobs in the game, if you can actually start one as many report that they are failing to load or starting.

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Pocket-lint also noticed that, because the issues affect Social Club again, the problems also spilled into the main GTA V game. We couldn't, for example, take photos with character's virtual smartphones. The option needs to load from and save to the servers. Hopefully, this will also be sorted when the patch update arrives.

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