Sony's PS Vita TV tiny games console will be released outside of Japan, but not until 2014 and only to China and South Korea. It is looking increasingly unlikely that the device will ever make it to the UK, mainland Europe or the US.

Engadget's Asian arm reports that the company has used a pre-Tokyo Game Show event to unveil details for release of the diminutive box outside of its home country. It will hit stores in China and Korea in January 2014, but there was no word on either pricing or release further afield.

PS Vita TV was previously unveiled earlier this month and it will effectively run PS Vita, PSP and PSOne games on a TV or display, using a DualShock 3 controller. However, as there will be no touchscreen support, only games that forgo the touchscreen on the traditional handheld console will work.

The Japanese price will be 9,954 yen (£64) when it goes on sale in the country on 14 November, but the controller will not be included and must be bought separately.

Those upset that the Asian market will be getting something not available over here can console themselves with the fact that the PS4 won't go on sale until 22 February in Sony's homeland, almost three-months after its UK debut.