Sony has unveiled a version of the PlayStation Vita that will work on your big screen at home. The innards of this small box are essentially those of a PS Vita but crammed into a case that works with your TV and PS3 Dualshock 3 controller.

The console will be able to play PSP, PSone and some PS Vita games - but not all. Those games that require touchscreens, motion sensors, a camera, or other inputs not available on the Vita TV can't be played.

The Vita TV will, of course, also be a streaming device for watching video from a "wide variety of services". After Apple TV makes its next move - perhaps at tomorrow's launch event - we might hear more from Sony on its international plans for the Vita TV.

The PS Vita TV will cost 9,954 yen (£64) and should go on sale in Japan on 14 November. The catch? The PS3 controller isn't included at that price. An international release date and pricing have not yet been announced.