The European mega games convention Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, is renowned for giving publishers and developers a second bite at the cherry when it comes to showing off their forthcoming wares. Generally, E3 is where many titles are announced and Gamescom is where you get to see those titles in a more complete form, with more gameplay on offer.

Even at an early stage, Gamescom 2013 has been no exception. In fact, because of the imminent releases of the two next-generation consoles in the Xbox and PS4, this year's event has been bigger, brighter and bolder. And it's yet to even start.

Sony has shown a number of its key PS4 titles in all new footage, so we've collected some trailers from those seen during the Sony media event on the evening of 20 August. We'll add more as they become available. Enjoy.

More to come...