Sony is delivering its keynote at Gamescom and has just announced that the Wi-Fi-only PlayStation Vita will now cost 199 euros (£170) in Europe and $199 in North America. That's down from the original price of $299.

Sony accidentally unveiled the price drop on its website ahead of Gamescom, as first spotted by Gameranx. The website's banner flashed the new price alongside a Walking Dead PlayStation Vita bundle. The website leak emerged after many retailers, such as Target, Best Buy and Amazon, all recently - and simultaneously - lowered their prices for the Wi-Fi-only model.

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The price will become official in Europe and North America on Wednesday. Sony also revealed it would significantly drop the cost of the memory cards for the handheld device, but it neglected to mention by how much. There's no word on whether those price cuts will also arrive for the more expensive, 3G-enabled Vita model.

On top of everything, Sony confirmed that a bevy of indie games would land for the PS Vita later this year. One of the titles included is Fez 2, and it will also launch for the PlayStation 4.

Sony is likely trying to lure gamers with the price drop and a new selection of games, as the Vita, which launched in 2012, has struggled to find itself in a market flooded with competition like Nintendo's resurgent 3DS.