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(Pocket-lint) - Rockstar games has released the first ever gameplay video for Grand Theft Auto 5. It shows exactly how the new game will work, with its three playable characters that you can instantly switch between.

The trailer, which shows just how incredible the scope of GTA V is, also ends with a brief moment of GTA V's multiplayer, which has until now remained unmentioned. Rockstar promises another video with multiplayer in action later. It reminds us somewhat of the gameplay video build up before Red Dead Redemption's release, so expect plenty more details on gameplay before we get our hands on the game itself.

Gameplay footage consists of everything from the revised gunplay and driving - which at a glance appears much more fully featured than the previous game - to just how you swap between each character during a mission. On top of mission gameplay, you are also treated to some of the mini games featured in GTA V, including cycling, golf and tennis.

The previous title, which was much more closely focused on the goings on in one city, is in stark contrast to the previous generation's San Andreas-style over to top escapades seen in GTA V. Everything from helicopters, to planes, bikes and even submarines, will feature in Grand Theft Auto V, making for an incredible open world gameplay experience.

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Expect more from Rockstar on the game in the coming months in the build up to GTA V's release. From this gameplay video alone, we are seriously excited. Roll on 17 September is all we can say.

Writing by Hunter Skipworth. Originally published on 9 July 2013.