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(Pocket-lint) - Bethesda, the developer behind the Elder Scrolls series of games, has revealed that cross-platform developing for the Xbox One and PS4 isn't as straightforward as previously hoped.

Both consoles share very similar internal specifications, which you would hope would translate to games looking identical on each. One of the main issues with the PS3 and Xbox 360 was that titles developed for both platforms often ended up looking better on one than the other.

An interview with OXM reveals Bethesda's view on developing for the new console. Vice-president Pete Hines explained: "It's really not easy, but it's certainly much easier.

"I'm not trying to insult Sony or Microsoft, but they're high-end PCs, the way they're architectured. Though they're still in development, they're not done, they're much easier to develop for."

Hines then goes on to explain that despite the power on offer, developing for both is a challenge. "They don't all play with each other. PC and Mac play together, but Xbox One is its own thing and PS4 is its own thing. The whole cross-platform thing is just a nightmare."

This could mean a lot of the launch titles for the Xbox One and PS4 end up looking and playing better on specific consoles. Call of Duty: Ghosts and Watch Dogs for example, might be different experiences depending on whether or you choose Sony or Microsoft this Christmas. We will just have to wait to find out.

Writing by Hunter Skipworth. Originally published on 9 July 2013.