A PlayStation 4 bundle equipped with cables, headset, a copy of the Knack video game and the PlayStation 4 Camera has surfaced in a trio of leaked images recently found on Sony's US website.

A live Sony page currently offers a PS4 gallery with 30 pictures, but hovering over each thumbnail reveals that the images are actually numbered from 1 to 33. However, as first reported by DualShocker, a simple change of numbers in the file name magically makes the missing images appear straight from Sony's server hard disks.

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This could mean that Sony has yet to announce the bundle - or that the images are a remnant of something Sony wanted to offer but changed course to reduce costs and remain attractive at a competitive price.  

Sony likes bundles, and rumours of a similar PS4 bundle have circulated in the past, so this particular offering could be legit. But who knows really? Stay tuned; maybe more official information will come from Sony. 

Check out the gallery below for the other leaked images. One of them appears to be a placeholder - so Sony’s artists can easily add and swap box art for promotions.