Sony has once again shown off the capabilities of its new PlayStation 4 games console, this time at its E3 press conference in Los Angeles. 

The new demo, dubbed The Dark Sorcerer, is not from a game, nor an upcoming character in a game, but has been created by David Cage of Quantic Dream, the developer behind Heavy Rain and other titles, to show us what is possible.

First shown at the PS4 launch event in New York in February as just a head, the character creation now has a body and an envrionment in which to show off. 

The action, which is all live action rather than a cutscene, shows you just how powerful the console is. The caveat of course, is that we are a long way off playing games with these graphics, however the fact that they already exist before the console has even gone on sale, shows us what's in store for the new PS4.