Sony has announced that it will offer a Grand Theft Auto PS3 bundle on the launch of the game on 17 September which includes a custom Grand Theft Auto V Pulse – Elite Edition headset and a custom audio mode.

For $299 (£192) in the US, the bundle comes with a 500GB PlayStation 3, a Blu-ray copy of Grand Theft Auto V and a 30-day PlayStation Plus trial membership.

Sony and Rockstar have also specifically created an audio experience exclusive for the PlayStation 3 to help convicce you to go PlayStation rather than Xbox.

grand theft auto v ps3 bundle coming 17 september image 3

"The custom Grand Theft Auto V audio mode for Pulse - Elite Edition takes full advantage of the BassImpact technology embedded in the Pulse - Elite Edition headset to provide the ultimate Grand Theft Auto V experience," says Sony. "This exclusive mode enhances the game's most epic moments like car crashes, explosions and more."

Sony used its E3 press conference to highlight a number of games which the company still plans for the seven-year-old console, including Gran Tursimo, Beyond Two Souls and Last Of Us.