Sony was very early to set out its next-generation console stall, unveiling many of the features and games for the PlayStation 4 on 20 February. Now that E3 is almost here we are a gnat's breath away from finally getting to see what the new machine looks like too.

It is also likely that along with further PS4 game news and PS3 announcements the Sony PlayStation E3 press conference on Monday 10 June will reveal the entertainment features of the next-gen kit - possibly including the global partners Sony has signed with to deliver content. So it should be a packed show that's well worth staying up for.

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You can see it all here, kicking off at 2am (11 June) in the UK, 6pm PT, 11pm ET (10 June).

Exciting times.

Pocket-lint will be in LA during the whole of E3 2013 from 10-13 June . Follow our extensive coverage every day from our dedicated hub here: Pocket-lint at E3 2013.

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