Fresh from its commitment not to make any games for Nintendo's Wii U, EA has announced more titles for the PS4 and Xbox One. Need for Speed Rivals will be about winning races against, you guessed it, rivals.

The theme sounds a bit like Most Wanted, which we still think is one of the best Need for Speed games of all time. Here though, instead of just being pursued by the cops, you also get the chance to be the cop, working in teams to hunt down the law-breaking racers and bring them to justice. Racers get access to hardcore car tuning tech too, but cops have access to helicopters to help them chase down their targets.

EA says that Rivals also blurs the lines between singleplayer and multiplayer, giving you seamless access to games in which your friends are playing. The key selling point here is "no lobbies and no waiting". If EA can pull that off, we'll buy someone a drink because that would be a massive step forward in making online play more bearable.

The game is built on the Frostbite 3 engine, which also powers the upcoming Battlefield 4, so the odds are it will look pretty damn smashing too.

The game will first be available for the current-generation consoles and PCs on November 19, with the versions for the next generation of consoles due at some point after they go on sale. It's not yet clear if Rivals is intended to be a launch title for either of the next-generation machines.