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(Pocket-lint) - Sony has posted a PS4 teaser video showing off the console's new hardware. The problem? The video is just so blurry that you can't really see a single thing of the design, other than that it comes in black.

Tiny hardware details do flash up momentarily throughout the video, mostly in the form of the controller or air intakes, but none enough to show really what the console will look like. It does appear to be standing vertically, which means, like the PS3, that the console will be able to be stored in both horizontal and vertical layouts.

It also doesn't look particularly big, which is impressive when you think just how bulky a unit the PS3 was at launch compared to its later Slim counterpart. The black plastic shell also appears to have a textured and matte finish to it, rather than the gloss look of the older PS3.

ps4 teaser shows new console hardware in blurriest reveal yet video pictures  image 3

Air intakes on the new console also look like they are shaped differently. There is a set of chevron shaped vents as well as a round edge with different shaped intakes. To say exactly what they are is too difficult at this stage, but no doubt Sony will have plenty to say at E3. 

ps4 teaser shows new console hardware in blurriest reveal yet video pictures  image 14

The above is what has us really excited. The picture appears to show a pair of cameras attached to the console. This could mean 3D motion controls, or an image of the new PS Eye, which is yet to appear online. The teaser also says that we will get to "see it first at E3 10th June", which means that Sony will be revealing the hardware for the new console next month. 

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