The Sony PlayStation 4 has appeared online in a teaser advert. Or, at least, that's what many thought when a mysterious and very professional video was posted to YouTube. One that showed the console itself in brief glimpses.

However, Sony has spoken out about the clip, saying that it's not real. Sad really, considering how good it looks.

What confounded most of the believers is that the video has clearly been put together by a person or team with talent. There are plenty of good-quality filming techniques and post production, not to mention an excellent animated render of the machine, which make it easy to believe it's the real deal.

It's not just Sony's statement that put the clip into doubt, however, there are also a couple of additional clues. For a start, in one shot you can see format logos under the disc tray. One of those is the "Compact Disc" logo. A Sony executive has already previously confirmed that the new machine will not be compatible with CDs.

Also, it's a fairly compact box shown, and considering the power levels of the processor and GPU that have already been revealed, there seems to be little in the way of management for all the heat they will generate. Basically, the smaller the box, the hotter it will get, the more likely it will blow up.

It is our belief, considering how well produced the teaser is, that rather than being put together by a fan, it was part of a pitch to Sony from a professional agency, one that may have been looking for the advertising or viral business from the firm. It probably didn't win the account and the clip has subsequently leaked.

Either that or we've been watching too much Mad Men.

Nonetheless, it still gets us excited for E3, when we're likely to see and play with the actual box. Pocket-lint will be in attendance in Los Angeles from 9 June. Make sure you follow the action on Pocket-lint.