The PlayStation Vita has just got itself a tasty price cut over in the States, with Sony stores now selling the handheld for $199.97 (£135).

This represents a $100 saving with the console and puts it in the same price bracket as the Nintendo 3DS. The 3G Vita sale also comes with a free 8GB memory card and a free game if you commit to a data plan.

This price drop could mean that Sony is planning to cut production of the 3G handheld, to focus on the cheaper Wi-Fi-only alternative. Both consoles are priced equally in Japan, leaving consumers to decide if they want an always-on data connection or not.

Once the PS4 launches, the PS Vita should get quite a sales boost, because it will offer a second-screen experience with the new console. We wouldn't be surprised either if Sony offered a stripped-back PS Vita that is even cheaper, to bring more gamers to the PS4.

No news on a cheaper UK offering, or if the Wi-Fi model will be getting a price cut, but given the current fortunes of the Vita we wouldn't be surprised.