The PlayStation 4 has been announced by Sony, but there are no pricing details or exact release date beyond "Holiday 2013 yet - we haven't even seen the console itself.

But that hasn't stopped some retailers listing it as available for pre-order already.

Game was one of the first out of the blocks, posting its pre-order page almost as soon as the console was launched. There was some embarrassment attached though: before it added "deposit" to the picture on the site, it seemed to be accepting £20 for the entire console.

Now it transpires that £20 is the deposit you will have to pay to secure your PS4, whenever it may actually become available.

Other UK retailers are inviting you to register your interest. has an whole section dedicated to PS4 and some of the launch titles - DriveClub, Infamous Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall, The Witness and Knack - but only to sign up to be notified about when they might become available.

We'll let you know if any other pre-order opportunities go live.