The first set of games for the PlayStation 4 were demoed at Sony's New York City press event. While that period of the event seemed to drag on forever, it has given us a glimpse at what game play will be like on the new consoles. 

The new titles announced are:

DriveClub (WWS Evolution Studios)
Infamous Second Son (WWS Sucker Punch Productions)
Killzone: Shadow Fall (WWS Guerrilla Games)
Knack (WWS Japan Studio)
Deep Down (working title) (CAPCOM)
Destiny (Activision Publishing, Inc./ Bungie, Inc.)
Diablo III (Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.)
The Witness (Jonathan Blow)
Watch Dogs (Ubisoft Entertainment)

Below, we've compiled the teaser videos released following the announcement


Halo game developer Bungie's Destiny is ten years in the making. The trailer makes the game look very Halo-like, which is interesting because the PlayStation has never been graced with the Xbox exclusive title. Bungie says it will launch Destiny for the PlayStation 4 at the same time as the PlayStation 3 version.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

The Killzone trailer shows some serious graphics that we're sure the Playstation 4 can handle, with Sony planning to have the new version of Killzone right alongside its PS4 launch. You can certainly see lots going on in every shot. 

Infamous Second Son

In a weird intro, talking about how UK citizens are tracked by security cameras every waking second - as if we didn't know that already - developer Sucker Punch announced Infamous Second Son, basically Infamous 3, that addresses government control and privacy. Oh yeah, and you get to kill things.


Japan Studio announced Knack, which is about a robot "capable of explosive growth". He helps in the war between the goblins and human race. Bonus points when you mention this down the pub is that its created by MarkCerny, who also happens to be the lead system architect for PS4. According to Cerny the five key principles guiding the design of the consumer experience that will surround all games are: simple, immediate, social, integrated, and personalised. Let's hope he's followed his own rules.

Deep Down

Capcom unveiled Deep Down, a new game that uses a next-generation extension of its MT Framework technology. It feels a lot like a RPG, hence the dragon, arrows and one-handed blades in the trailer. The graphics look stunning. 

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft unveiled the PS4 version of Watch Dogs (which we saw in a PC demo at E3 2012). It's a crime-esque game with plenty of cop action and one that brings new meaning to crossing the road to visit the ATM. Expect the PS4 version of the game to really take advantage of the extra processing power to deliver JJ Abrams style lighting at every opportunity. 


Every console needs a driving game, and the PlayStation 4 isn't any different. To be released by Evolution Studios, DriveClub has a realistic look to it. Games can be set up on handsets and tablets and small groups are encouraged to compete with each other. 

The Witness

A random and rather strange looking puzzle game from Braid creator Jonathan Blow. It doesn't include any guns, killing, or racing cars fast, but does have a soundtrack that is likely to stick in your head for a very long time. Sorry. 

Bonus: Shizzle reel

Yep, a mishmash of all the new titles announced at the PlayStation Media event to get you excited for the Holidays 2013.