Sony says it wants the PS4 to be intelligent enough to know exactly what you are playing and what you'll want to play next before you do.

"If we know enough about you, then we should be able to predict the next game you'll want to play and have it already downloaded for you," said Mark Cerny, at the launch of the next-generation console from Sony.

The new console, which has still to get a launch date, is planned to be bigger and more powerful than anything on the market at the moment, but Sony say it's not just about hardware specs and powerful graphics. Detailing a number of new features, the company also hopes to turn the PS4 into a social gaming network "with meaning" - and that's where it gets to learn more about you.

Through a number of "social network" tricks, gamers will be able to watch other gamers play games, drop in to help your game play, and broadcast your game live via Ustream. All this and a number of moves means that the amount of data Sony collects on its gamers should make your next game selection very easy.

Expect your next console to know what you like more than you do.