(Pocket-lint) - Sony's next-generation PlayStation has been further detailed ahead of its 20 February announcement in New York City. 

The PlayStation 4 is expected to include a new set of social features that will allow users to share their in-game achievements over Twitter and Facebook, according to The Wall Street Journal. This will create a more social experience and take the social features the PlayStation currently has one step further. 

Additionally, Sony is said to be allowing PlayStation 4 gamers to play against smartphone and tablet gamers in a new multiplayer feature. The report didn't detail what mobile platforms would be supported or how it would work, but we can most likely count on the Xperia line mixed in somewhere. 

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Lastly, the report reiterates that gamers will be able to upload their gameplay directly from the console to YouTube. Past reports have mentioned that the touchscreen controller will feature the controls to select which videos to upload and that they will have a 15-minute recording limit. 

Other PlayStation 4 features we've heard about include streaming for older games, touchscreen controller, and faster speed thanks to a 3.2GHz processor, 2GB of RAM and a 320GB HDD. Pocket-lint will be in attendance at the event to bring you the latest. 

Writing by Jake Smith.