The PlayStation Vita has had a third knocked off its price in Japan. The console is now retailing for 19,980 yen (about £138) for both Wi-Fi and 3G models. It had previously cost 30,000 yen.

Sony says, however, that it has no plans to drop prices outside of Japan at present, with the company telling Pocket-lint: "The price cut announced today is for the SCE Japan region only. We have nothing to announce at this time regarding pricing within our own region."

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The price drop will take effect in Japan on 28 February, after Sony's PS4 launch event on 20 February. It is entirely possible that Sony will announce some sort of PS Vita price cut at the New York event, although we expect (and hope) that all eyes will be focused on next-generation consoles.

The PS Vita currently retails for £227 for a Wi-Fi and 3G model on Amazon in the UK. Fingers crossed that this new price translates overseas, because that's a bargain if we ever saw one.