With the launch of its next-generation PlayStation this week, Sony is said to be unveiling a new technology that will allow the streaming of older titles right to the console over the internet. 

According to The Wall Street Journal, the PlayStation 4 will utilise this technology with help from a company called Gaikai which it acquired this year for $380 million. 

Both old and current PlayStation 3 titles will be able to be streamed over the cloud to the PlayStation 4, presumably available through an online market place. The new console will also have the ability to play new games over optical discs, or the old way of doing things. 

The report further adds to the rumours of a motion and touch-sensing controller. Last week, two pictures leaked of the rumoured controller. It is complete with a touchpad in the middle, a "Move" blue light at the top, a traditional Sony dual-shock controller design, and a 3.5mm headphone jack presumably for voice-communication. Both were labelled as prototypes, so it's not clear if all those features will come to market. 

Pocket-lint will be covering the event on Wednesday, 20 February. In the meantime, catch-up on everything we know about the PlayStation 4.