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(Pocket-lint) - An unnamed Sony Computer Entertainment executive has revealed that the forthcoming next-generation PlayStation - most often dubbed PS4 - won't be focused around high-end specifications and maxed-out hardware, rather new playing options.

The new console is expected to be unveiled during the manufacturer's 20 February New York City press event and that has led to many a speculative stab in the dark as to what it will contain. We've previously heard rumours that it will sport an eight-core AMD processor, and touchscreen controller to replace the traditional DualShocks, but SCE would rather we talk about how it will be the entertainment hub of the home - as Pocket-lint predicts in the latest podcast.

Reported by Japanese business news publisher Nikkei, the new console will open up "new styles of play". There is also talk of its connecting and sharing with mobile devices more than the current PlayStation 3.

It will also - based on another rumour that emerged yesterday - feature Gaikai cloud gaming, the service Sony acquired last summer for $380 million.

Pocket-lint will be at the launch of the "future of PlayStation" on 20 February, so will report live on the exciting news that SCE will have to share.

Will the PlayStation 4 be the console you're looking for? Or will you hang on for something else? Let us know in the comments below...

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Writing by Rik Henderson.