Shortly after Japan-based Sony announced a 20 February event to talk the future of the Playstation, a new report claims a next-generation console will indeed be announced by Sony executives. 

The Wall Street Journal, citing "sources", reports Sony will unveil the next-generation console and ship it by Christmas 2013. Sony is said to have scheduled the early event to beat Microsoft to its introduction of the Xbox 720. This tactic has been previously rumoured. 

In its event teaser, Sony was light on details as to what we might see at the event.

Given The Wall Street Journal's reputation and other rumours, their report seems very likely. After the February announcement, several reports have noted that Sony will use the E3 trade show to talk games and keep promoting the console up until Christmas where a bevy of sales are expected. 

The next-generation PlayStation, dubbed the Orbis, is said to feature a AMD x86 quad-core processor at 3.2GHz, 2GB of RAM, Blu-Ray, 1080p output, and 320GB HDD. It is said to be 10x more powerful than the PS3 currently available on the market.

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