Over the next six weeks, Sony Computer Entertainment is giving away a completely free PlayStation Mobile game every seven days. They will work on any PlayStation Certified device, including the PS Vita, and you don't need to be a PlayStation Plus member to get them.

On the Vita, just head over to the PlayStation Mobile section of the PlayStation Store and look for Samurai Beatdown, the first title available in the giveaway. Download it and Bob's your uncle, a free game for you to keep.

Samurai Beatdown is a rhythm-based action game, in which you must tap the screen in time to the music when enemies approach, in order to dispatch them. It's simple but addictive. Sort of like a Parappa the Rapper with swords.

sony giving away one free playstation mobile game for ps vita smartphone or tablet a week image 2

A new game will appear each Wednesday, and the best place to find out what it is, is on Sony's own PlayStation Blog - the European version of which you can find at blog.eu.playstation.com.

Those who have PlayStation Certified smartphones or tablet devices need to download and install the PlayStation Mobile Android application first. The service is currently available only in the UK, US, Japan, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Australia.