The televised Spike Video Game Awards in the US is a great way for developers and software publishers to showcase their forthcoming titles. It'd kind of like the Superbowl for gaming, so you will often get new trailers for some of the most highly anticipated games for the following year.

This year's event saw the unveiling of the new mature viewers-only Tomb Raider trailer and we have to admit that we were blown away by the action. So much so that we were ready to herald the Tomb Raider reboot as THE game for 2013. Until now, that is.

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The Last of Us is, like Naughty Dog's famous Uncharted franchise, a PlayStation 3 exclusive and, again like its previous efforts, puts much emphasis on story and characterisation - not including the excellent voice acting the studio seems to get from its cast. This new trailer focuses on that element, showing some of the back story and events you can expect to encounter in the game.

Also revealed is the release date for The Last of Us. It will hit stores on 7 May 2013, so later than some other expected AAA titles (such as Tomb Raider and Grand Theft Auto V). Some things are simply worth waiting for.