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(Pocket-lint) - Sony Computer Entertainment has published a patent that shows a bizarre hybrid DualShock controller with Move ball add-ons and the ability to split in half. This would allow either for two players to play motion games from the one controller, or for titles to offer motion gaming that requires both hands of a single player.

On the patent - published on 29 November and submitted in May 2011 - the new device is called the Hybrid Separable Motion Controller. It includes the technology found in each of its traditional counterparts, including vibration and accelerometer functionality and, like the PlayStation Move, uses a PlayStation Eye camera to track the glowing balls.

There's no mention of what console the controller would be used for, PS3 or PlayStation 4, but we suspect that it may never even see the light of day. Many patents are filed every year, few make it to market.

To be honest, we're not overly keen on trying to play with our thumbsticks with a couple of shiny balls constantly getting in the way. Come to think of it...

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[The above joke was taken from Carry On Pocket-lint - the famed lost movie in the franchise where "Miles", played by Kenneth Williams, is the foreman of a gadget manufacturer specialising in electronic switches and LED jewellery. The firm is called "Big Knobs and Glowing Rings Ltd". It didn't get a theatrical release.]

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Writing by Rik Henderson.