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(Pocket-lint) - Sony’s new PlayStation 4 has taken a step closer to reality, with reports suggesting developers have been sent new dev kits in preparation for next year’s unveil.

VG247 claims the “modified PC” is the second dev kit that has been sent to developers working with the PS4, following an earlier version that was just a mere graphics card. 

A third and final dev kit is planned for January, before the PS4 is officially unveiled later next year, most likely in June at E3.

As well as the dev kit revelation, VG247 claims to have been told a few features we can begin to get excited about regarding the PS4, or should that be simply “Orbis”?

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As previously reported, Sony is allegedly referring to the console only as the Orbis, omitting the words PlayStation 4 entirely during internal meetings.

Anyway, back to those specs. . .

It looks like the Orbis will be based on an AMD A10 APU series, with the aim of providing seamless 1080p60 3D games. The user interface is also said to be due a facelift, while products and software updates will be able to be downloaded in the background.

The Orbis will also feature a Blu-ray optical drive, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, HDMI out and, best of all, will be “very affordable”.

Sony will no doubt be hoping the Orbis will help improve its gaming division, after its latest financial results showed it was again operating at a loss.

Roll on E3, we say.

Writing by Danny Brogan.