Sony France has run a magazine advert for the poorly performing PS Vita handheld console, likening the experience it offers to that of woman having breasts on her chest and back.

Alluding to the front touchscreen and rear touch panel, the advert simply states (when translated): "Touch both sides. Twice the sensations."

A picture of the ad was posted by Twitter user @Goldengreg, who wrote (in Japanese): "Pleasant times touching both sides".

In France, as in the UK, as good as it is as a gaming device, the PS Vita has struggled to sell in any significant quantities. Fergal Gara, SCE's UK vice-president and managing director, previously admitted that it hasn't really set the world alight.

"I'd say it's done reasonably well, but I'm a sales guy and motivated by selling, so I'm never going to say we've done well enough," he said.

However, with some strong games titles just released or on the horizon, including the platform exclusive Assassin's Creed III: Liberation, and a number of attractive bundle packs available in store, Sony is hoping to perform better this Christmas.

It's certainly hoping to avoid making any more boobs.