We were already on alert for a new super-slim edition of the PlayStation 3, thanks to the unearthing of documents filed with the Federal Communications Commission in the US, but now pictures of the new console have appeared online to back them up.

The PS3 4000, as it is being dubbed, is believed to be the subject of some (hazy) photographs published by Brazilian site Tecnoblog. It claims that it received them from telecoms regulator Anatel, which received them as part of a Sony filing.

The main change to the new version of the console - apart from an even slimmer form factor to the current model - is what looks to be, a sliding-top disc tray, rather than an automatic slider on the front. The slim PS2 also featured this kind-of tray system.

Sony's filing with Anatel also states that there will be three different models of the super-slim PS3, with 250GB, 500GB and 16GB hard drives, although games trade magazine suggests that the last is a typing error (160GB?).

As well as the blurred photographs, a mock-up of the redesigned console has appeared on games forum site Neogaf.

Many, Pocket-lint included, expect Sony to announce the PS3 4000 at Gamescom in August. There's no indication on price as yet.

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