Documents filed to the FCC in the US by Sony could suggest that a new slim-line PS3 is set to be announced shortly, maybe even as soon as the Gamescom conference in Germany in August.

According to eagle-eyed tipsters at Pocket News, Sony Computer Entertainment, the gaming division of Sony that looks after the PlayStation, has filed new documents to the Federal Communications Commission that don't match the currently available PS3.

Geeky we know, but the label has changed position on the device, as has the model number.

The documents detail a model called CECH-4001x rather than the current 3000 series for the PlayStation 3 at the moment.

While that might lead some gamers to hope and pray that the "4000" reference means a PlayStation 4, many gaming sites (including Eurogamer) hypotheses that it ties in with previous rumours that the company is about to launch a "Super Slim" PS3 in time for Christmas.

The documents mention that "x" will be replaced by an alphabet denoting the different hard disk specification, as well as ask for a 180 days grace on confidentially as to not to spill the beans on what the company is working on.