Sony has said that it will further enhance the ability of the PS Vita to talk to the PlayStation 3 after announcements from Microsoft and Nintendo that both plan to use a second screen in their games in the future.

"Through the cross-platform feature, Sony will deliver a groundbreaking gaming experience which leverages the capabilities of both systems and enables users to enjoy gaming wherever and whenever," promises the Japanese firm.

However, in a move that is likely to confuse, some games will offer different cross-platform features to others.

The Cross-Controller feature, for example, allows a player to use the PS Vita as a controller to play games on PS3, while Cross-Play lets other games benefit from shared content, allowing PS3 and PS Vita users to enjoy match or collaborative game play.

Some games will only support a Cross-Save feature though, allowing gamers to manage saved data between the two consoles. This will allow players on the go to continue playing games on their PS Vita, right from where they left off on their PS3 at home. Others will support Cross-Goods by transferring bought content from one platform to the other.

Some games will go even further by offering the Remote Play feature which allows PS Vita users to remotely access their PS3 to enjoy content including games and videos.

As with the Wii U from Nintendo, users will have to buy more kit - in this case a PS Vita - for the features to work, and even then it won't cover all games. Microsoft's SmartGlass technology for the Xbox 360, due later this year and also announced at E3 in Los Angeles this week, promises to work with the iPhone, iPad, all Android devices, Windows 8 tablets and Windows Phone smartphones such as the Lumia series from Nokia.