A scarlet red version of the Sony PlayStation 3 is going on sale on 4 May. Amazon is already taking pre-orders for the 320GB model, which will cost £249.99 including free delivery. Play.com also has it on pre-order for £10 off the RRP.

It means the scarlet version will cost an additional £40 - £50 to the original black version, but you do get two similarly scarlet DualShock 3 controllers in the box, and it’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd.

sony playstation 3 in scarlet red available from 4 may image 2

As with the original, the scarlet variant of the Sony PlayStation 3 houses a built-in Blu-ray and DVD player.

However, if you’ve become bored of your own movie collection, once you’ve subscribed to Netflix you’ll be able to stream the latest blockbusters and TV series through the console to your TV.

Whether for a cheeky upgrade or just because the colour complements the tone of your wallpaper better, Pocket-lint expects the scarlet red Sony PlayStation 3 to do very well indeed. Especially in Liverpool supporters' households.

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