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(Pocket-lint) - The Sony Xperia S has come good on its PlayStation Certified promise with the arrival of the PlayStation Store on the flagship Sony Android handset. The service was missing when we conducted our Sony Xperia S review recently.

There are 16 titles to choose from on the PlayStation Store: Twisted Metal, Kula World, MediEvil, Rayman, Jumping Flash!, Destruction Derby, WipEout, Jet Rider, Jet Rider 2, Cool Boarders, Cool Boarders 2, Kurushi Final, Everybody's Golf 2, The Little Mermaid II, Championship Bass and Driver.

The PlayStation Store is available for Xperia S owners in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Australia. In Japan a wider range of handsets is supported, including Xperia Arc, Xperia Acro, Xperia Play, Xperia NX, Xperia Acro HD.

Strangely the Xperia Play isn't listed as supported in other territories (neither are the Sony Tablets S and P), but when you pull up the details it will say which handsets the game is compatible with. The Xperia Play is then listed for all titles, but sadly the Xperia S isn't listed for six of the offered games.

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The games will cost £3.99 a piece, which sounds a little on the expensive side given that many new Google Play games cost less. To buy a game you have to sign into your PS Network account. 

You can add all the details through your device if you need to add funds to your Wallet, after which you'll be able to download the game you've chosen and play it via the PS pocket app.

Of course the question remains as to whether PS Certification actually adds any value when set in the context of modern games from Google Play designed specifically for smartphones. We're not so sure.

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What do you think of PlayStation Certified devices? Can the games compete with modern Google Play titles?

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