The PlayStation Vita has been received with much love here at Pocket-lint towers, with Sony's new handheld console being awarded the prestigious Hot Product tag. But even in our glowing review we noted that the lack of video recording on board was "weird".

But our prediction that a future update would come along to rectify this oversight was on the money, as Sony has announced the 1.60 software update will bring the functionality.

The update also adds a Map app feature to the front screen (looking very Google powered) which shows (on the 3G version, at least) your position and also gives the usual array of options such as route planning, satellite views and traffic info.

As well as the video recording and Map app, the 1.60 release also coincides with that of the Mac OS compatible version of the PlayStation Content Management, making it easier for fanboys to transfer their media and files between their computers and their Vitas.

All this and more - the PS button will now light blue when plugged in to the mains. Incredible, we know. Blue. Amazing.

The new software is set to land on 8 February.

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