We've known for some time now that the PlayStation Vita would be able to function as both a controller for the PS3 and display PS3 content via its screen, however we weren't sure of  the extent to which this new functionality would be implemented.

The report, coming from Eurogamer, suggests that a new firmware update will mean the Vita's remote play function will be compatible with all PS3 titles, however this will, for now, be at 480 x 272 - the same as the PSP.

This may not last for long though, as it's also suggested that developers will, at some point in the future, be able to take advantage of the Vita's better resolution with the implementation of a 480p mode which will suit its 960 x 544 pixel screen.

The ability for continuation play, just walk off and continue playing your PS3 game on your Vita is very Wii U like in its character, so it'll be interesting how the two shape up.

There's plenty of similarity here to be drawn between the Vita and Nintendo's next-gen console, the Wii U. However, we have a decent idea of what the Wii U will be bringing whereas the full extent of the PS3/Vita relationship is still a little fuzzy; although they will be able to share a certain amount of PSN data, such as scoreboards.