WildTangent's Android game service, recently launched on T-Mobile in the States, is coming to the UK - the company has just announced that it has launched in Europe in partnership with the Sony Tablet S and dual-screen Sony Tablet P.

Based on the PC platform, the service gives Android gamers the chance to rent, own, or play games for free - with rentals starting from 12p a go. Transactions are carried out using WildCoins: WildTangent's virtual currency. Sony customers are inline for an exclusive offer of 20 free WildCoins with their Android tabs.

And there's some decent titles available too: mobile classics such as Fruit Ninja, Guerilla Bob, Doodle Jump  are all included, as is the more meaty Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

"Smartphones and tablets are a great fit for our service as we pride ourselves in offering the best entertainment value for game players," said Sean Vanderdasson, senior vice president at WildTangent.

As well as the Sony tabs, WildTangent's platform will also come pre-loaded on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, the Storage Option Scroll Excel, and the ViewSonic ViewPad 7e.

You'll need Android 2.2 or higher to get involved. Check out more info at Wildtangent.com.