Don't expect any Flash based fun on your Sony PlayStation Vita if you grab one at launch, Adobe's much derided platform will not be supported.

There is cookie, JavaScript 1.7 and HTML5 support though, proving that the device will be equipped for web-based shenanigans, but Flash isn't part of the launch plans.

If you remember, Flash wasn't present when the PSP first launched; a software update brought it along after a year or so, although the version added was very basic and way behind the desktop client.

But times have changed for Adobe's ageing software and the PSP update was a long time before Steve Jobs and co. put the boot in on Flash and the HTML5 revolution kicked-off, so it will be interesting to see if Sony bothers to add support down the line.

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation Vita will go on sale in Japan on 17 December with pre-orders already open. The console costs 24,980 yen (£206) for the Wi-Fi only version, or 29,980 yen (£247) for the 3G one.

As well as the official launch date, Sony also confirmed 26 launch titles for the handheld console and stated that a further 74 will follow after that.

In the UK, Amazon has the handheld console priced up at £229.99 for the Wi-Fi only version, and £50 more if you want 3G too, but there's no official launch date yet.