Plenty of technical terms to contend with in this one, so we will try our best to keep it simple. The PlayStation Suite SDK is released this November, which brings with it new gaming possibilities for Xperia Play-style PlayStation Certified devices. 

The release of the SDK opens up the doors of the PlayStation Suite to smartphone developers looking to get games onto PlayStation portable devices. It means that software can be developed easily to run on the as-yet-to-be-released PlayStation Vita, Sony Tablet S and Sony Tablet P.

The SDK is essentially a mini PlayStation virtual machine powered by C# and designed to be able to run across multiple devices including Android and the Vita. 

It will be made available to everyone, ranging from major companies to individual developers, hopefully opening up the PS Suite to new types of gaming. SCEE has a tradition of adopting small groups of developers and releasing brilliant downloadable games, think titles like Flower on the PS3 or even Little Big Planet. 

More information on the PlayStation Suite SDK will be made available, including download details, on the SCEE website. 

More content is also set for release on PlayStation Certified devices from October via the PlayStation Store including new PS One Classics. Content created using the PlayStation Suite SDK will start arriving next spring. 

Lots to look forward to on the portable PlayStation gaming front then. We just want to know which manufacturer is going to be next to the PlayStation Certification table. 

Excited about new PlayStation portables? Or are you a Nintendo fan?