"Homeward bound, I wish I was homeward bound,"
Home, where my thoughts escape, at home, where my music's playin',
Home, where my love lies waitin' silently for me."

If those words make you think of the PlayStation Network's Home, rather than the place you actually live, then you're in for a treat as Sony has announced big plans for the social media gaming experience.

Going live this autumn, the new Home will be more game focused, with extra detail to reward the 23 million or so users of the platform.

New features include; The Hub, which looks to be the seemingly compulsory social networking side to the platform; the Action District, which is aimed squarely at FPS fans; Sportswalk, with live scores and sports sim based action; the Adventure District, where players will be able to launch directly into adventure-themed games and Pier Park with puzzles, outdoor and arcade games.

"PlayStation Home's new core experience is a giant leap in the evolution of the platform, not to mention a major milestone for PlayStation Network, and its new model quickly deploys our users to many compelling free-to-play games that fit their interests," said Jack Buser, director of PlayStation Home, SCEA. 

"With this update, coming this fall, PlayStation Home becomes a game itself, making it the most robust gamified social experience available."

The new PlayStation Home will launch in the autumn on the PlayStation Network.