Sony has announced that it will launch a new PSP model in the coming weeks in addition to it’s PlayStation Vita console announced earlier in the year. 

The new “budget” model will be called the PSP E-1000 and will cost just €99.99 (RRP), however unlike the all singing all dancing PlayStation Vita, the PSP E-1000 does not include Wi-Fi. 

Sony believes that shouldn’t be a problem though suggesting gamers will be able to get their fix from the full catalogue of PSP games either on UMD or from PlayStation Store via Media Go. 

The design is also slightly different, with a Charcoal Black finish – the same as on the slimmer PS3 model – to give more of a matte feel.

To counter the lack of Wi-Fi, Sony also plans to launch an exciting range of PSP Essentials titles that will retail at only €9.99 (RRP) and will include Invizimals: The Lost Tribe, EyePet Adventures, FIFA 12 and many more.